Stay, Explore, Adore: Discover Sao Paulo

In the heart of Brazil, São Paulo stands as a testament to diversity and cultural richness. Known to its inhabitants as Sampa, this city combines the hustle and bustle of urban life with a deep-seated cultural heritage.

Its skyline, marked by unique skyscrapers and broad avenues, tells the story of a city that has grown into a global metropolis.

A Canvas of Urban Diversity

Encompassing 1,521 square kilometers in southeastern Brazil, São Paulo is not just the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere, but also a mosaic of cultural and historical experiences.

It houses an array of landmarks and museums, each narrating a different chapter of the city's and the country's history. The city offers endless avenues for exploration and learning.

Perfect Hotel Stays Across São Paulo and Beyond

Find your ideal hotel with, whether in the heart of São Paulo or in charming surrounding areas like Jardins, Vila Madalena, Santos, and Campinas.

The curated selection you find here ranges from luxurious high-rise suites offering stunning city views to cozy hotels reflecting the local culture.

Each hotel on this site is designed to not only meet the needs of guests but also to enrich the experience of exploring São Paulo's diverse and captivating destinations.

Nestled in the lush Burle Marx Park, Palácio Tangará - an Oetker Collection Hotel offers a serene escape with 141 rooms and 59 suites, all boasting park views and balconies or terraces.

With amenities like heated pools, a Lancôme spa, and extensive event spaces, Palácio Tangará promises an unforgettable luxury experience.

a bedroom with a large bed and a balcony at the Palacio Tangara in Sao Paulo
a bedroom with a large bed and a balcony at the Palacio Tangara in Sao Paulo

Discover the blend of historical charm and contemporary luxury at Rosewood São Paulo.

Located near Avenida Paulista, this hotel offers elegant dining, a vibrant jazz club, and leisure amenities like outdoor pools and a fitness center. Enjoy sophisticated accommodations with top-notch amenities, ensuring a stay of unparalleled comfort and style in the heart of São Paulo.

a bedroom with a view at the Rosewood Sao Paulo
a bedroom with a view at the Rosewood Sao Paulo

Experience unparalleled luxury at Grand Hyatt São Paulo, nestled in downtown Brooklin.

This 5-star hotel boasts stunning views, a wellness spa, and is conveniently located just 3.7 mi from Congonhas Airport. Enjoy exclusive services, including two pools, acclaimed restaurants, and a complimentary breakfast.

Explore More Accommodation Types in São Paulo

Beyond hotels, also presents a variety of other accommodation options in São Paulo.

From the homely charm of rental homes and the exclusive luxury of private villas to practical business travel stays and welcoming family-friendly rentals, our selection caters to every travel need.

These alternatives offer unique experiences, ensuring your stay in São Paulo is as comfortable and memorable as it is diverse.

Experiencing São Paulo Beyond Your Hotel Room

Your hotel in São Paulo is just the beginning.

Step out to embrace the city's panoramic views, savor its rich culinary delights, and relax in tranquil parks, all easily accessible from your stay. We strive to make your accommodation a launchpad for a truly enriching São Paulo adventure.

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